Corratec introduces new suspension system featuring elastomer inserts


The days when only endurance road bikes were fitted with elastomer inserts are far gone, mountain bikes making up for lost ground with big steps. Corratec counts as one of the first manufacturers that turned its attention to the last decade’s inventions, and introduced the 10HZ suspension system, partially inspired from the automotive industry.


During this year’s Eurobike, we could check out up close the Germans’ new system, which seems promising, but also raises some doubts. First of all, the bike fitted with the 10HZ would be best described as half hardtail, half full-suspension. Come again? Well, the elastomer insert which is mounted at the end of the rear shock takes in all the small shocks and vibrations, increasing lateral stiffness and thus bringing the bike closer to the performance of a hardtail.

At the other end of the shock which is mounteed under the top tube there is another elastomer insert that has the task of smoothening the rebound after a substantial impact, or even more. Furthermore, these inserts seem to be very sensitive, the lightest push on the saddle making them compress long before the shock starts to work.

The standard employed will allow the fitting of any type of rear shock, which only adds bonus points for increased compatibility and functionality. Being a VPP type of suspension and offering 140mm of travel, it will also transform the bike that bears it into an exciting all-mountain machinery. As for other features of Corratec at this year’s Eurobike, an under 9-kilogram 29er hardtail seems promising, and includes a Shimano XTR drivetrain, and Rock Shox RS-1 fork.


Also the enduro model The Opiate got some higher specifications for the coming season.