Canyon enters the endurance road bike segment with Endurace CF


The growth of the endurance road bike segment went like clockwork, so much so that currently we’re counting the brands that don’t feature such models in its range. Another name was cut from this list recently, when Canyon introduced the Endurace CF, their own idea of an endurance road bike.


Canyon has always stood out thanks to its competitive prices, and this time it’s no different, Endurace CF being available in 4 versions, with prices that start from 1.599 euros and end at 2.799 euros. The lowest model, CF 8.0, which is bound to be released sometime this summer, features a Shimano 105 groupset, and DT Swiss R23 wheels, while the top end version, CF 9.0 SL, was fortunate enough to be fitted with the mechanical Dura-Ace. One can notice a certain approach of Canyon’s, which decided that the only difference between versions is the groupset (there is also a Campagnolo-equipped one), keeping the exact same frame, wheels and components for all.

The features that place Endurace CF among endurance bikes are found mainly in the frame, which was developed under the “Sport” line of the manufacturer, denomination implying the slackest geometry. With a taller head tube, and a shorter top tube, Canyon doesn’t miss the chance to come up also with a new layout of the carbon frame’s fibers, that enhances compliance while not compromising lateral stiffness. However, the German manufacturer didn’t include a larger wheelbase, an interesting decision with implication that remain to be seen. Providing the rest of the comfort needed by such a road bike is the VCLS seat post, that can deflect up to 25mm, and a thinner seat stay.

Very well matched with the purpose of the Endurace CF are the wheels, the DT Swiss R23 having an external width of 23mm that work perfectly with 25mm-wide tires, but which can house even 28mm ones, this being the largest size the clearance allows.