“Breath”, the Bicycle to Fight Pollution in Beijing


A pollution mask seems like a reasonable think to consider when you’re cycling across a large city, but in Beijing, the air is so bad, that Matt Hope, an American artist living in the Chinese metropolis, imagined and built a complete anti-pollution bike. For sure, he followed the “Think Big!” slogan. This bicycle integrates a series of objects that normally do not have much in common: a jet helmet, a (Chinese) jet fighter pilot mask, a wind generator, and, “la pièce de résistance”, an Ikea garbage bin.

How does it work? Well, it’s quite of a story here: Matt pedals through polluted Beijing, generating enough electricity to power the wind generator, which sucks air through the Ikea trash can. The dust particles get positively charged and stick to a metal trumpet. The resulted clean air gets pushed through a tube, into the mask, ready for breathing.

There is also a wild side to this bike, as it generates no less than 5,000 Volts of electricity, so right now, Matt avoids to ride it when it rains… But his project hasn’t been finalized yet.

via: matthope.org