BBB’s Autotank bottle helps save your precious riding water


Hydration is essential when you go out for a ride, and if you dehydrate it will certainly make you a sad camper. A hydration pack is a good idea, but BB came up with something in-between such a thing and a water bottle. Behold the Autotank!

The main idea behind the AutoClose valve on BBB’s new AutoTank water bottle was to reach the ease of use of a hydration pack, without actually having a hydration pack on your back. The AutoClose works similar to a valve on a hydration bladder. It lets water through when you want it to and is always ready for another thirsty sip, while it prevents any spills or drips when it’s rattling along in your frame.

The AutoTank is dishwasher safe and made of BPA free polypropylene (PP) material, and it comes in two volumes: 550ml/18.6 oz or 750 ml/26.4 oz. The easy to squeeze bottle has a wide opening for easy cleaning and filling. Additionally, it’s available in the colors clear/silver and black/silver.

Pricing ranges from € 12,50 for the BWB-11 AutoTank, to € 14,50 for the BWB-15 AutoTank XL.