Shimano Glossary of Terms


2-Way-Release – refers to the derailleurs levers mentioning that the small one (shifting from smaller sprockets to larger ones) can be operated in two directions (front and back).

Center-Lock – Shimano brake discs mounting system (slides over a spline, kept in place by a lock ring).

Di2 – Digital Integrated Intelligence. This term relates to Shimano electronic derailleurs.

Dual Control – refers to the road bicycles brake levers with integrated shift levers.

Dual SIS – refers to quick gear shifting technology. It can be found both on chainrings and sprockets.

Dyna-Sys – latest generation transmission system 2 × 10 or 3 × 10, providing better gearing than 3 × 9 system. Chainrings and sprockets have a different toothing in order to provide higher speeds.

HG – Hyperglide – already introduced in 1990.  It can be found on chainrings, sprockets and chain.

HG-X – refers to the new chains for 10 speed cassettes, more narrow and with 4 different links, providing better dirt removal and thus quicker and more precise shifts.

Hollowtech – utilized for cranks with sculpted arms, in order to reduce weight.

Hollowtech II – a term used for cranksets with hollow cranks and without bottom bracket spindle. Bottom brackets form one and the same component together with the crank arms, in order to keep weight low and rigidity as high possible. Bearings service life is also increased.

Integrated Power Modulator – met on V-Brakes. The system integrates a power modulator absorbing excess pressure in the brake lever in order to prevent wheel locking.

HyperDrive – a system integrating SGX chainrings, chain and derailleurs  for faster reprises of shifting.

IG – Interactive Glide – introduced in 1995 as an evolution of the HG system, available for transmissions up to 3 x 8 gears.

M-System – a special mixture for V-brakes pads, offering increased braking power in wet conditions. It can also be met for housings.

Mega-9 HG –  a cassette with the sprockets placed more closer, in order to function with narrow chains.

Mega Range – refers to the largest sprocket, featuring a 34 tooth gear, making it easier to climb the steepest hills.

Octalink – the mounting of the crank arms on an 8 tooth spindle.

Paradox – a reversed system of shifting gears from the lever, discontinued by Shimano soon after its launch.

Rapidfire – short lever travel for quickly shifting gears.

Servo Wave – a system met on Shimano hydraulic disc brakes. It allows changing the pressure points according to lever travel. At the start of the lever stroke pads gently touch the disc, while  firmly pulling, without requiring a great effort, the pads work hard on the disc.  The system offers improved separation between pads and disc and also a faster speed for pads withdrawal.

SLR – refers to brakes modulation on road bikes brakes. Basically brakes are actuated proportionally with force used by the rider to pull the brake lever.

SPD – Shimano Pedalling Dynamics – a system for Shimano cycling shoes which can be attached to specially designed pedals.

Super Narrow HG – narrow chain for 3 x 9 transmissions

UG – the very first shifting system, before HG or IG