Glossary: the meaning of Snake Skin, Black Chilli or Single/Dual Ply


The tire producers usually place a very complicated name on their products, whether it is a word, or a combination of numbers and letters, these are very hard to understand. The meaning of this will be explained below, in alphabetical order.


conti-race-sportBlack-Chilli-Compound, refers to a composition, the top models have this technology and the models produced in Germany. Continental uses a single compound for it’s tires.

Pure Grip Compound, is a mix of rubber ranked just behind Black Chilli compound and is used both for road and MTB bikes. These tires are produced in Asia and are placed in the Performance level.

Race Sport, designed for XC and Marathon races. The Race Sport casing is lightweight and with Black Chilli compound.

Protection is a version that offers extra protection for flat tire. The sidewalls are reinforced.


cst-epsCLXX represents the compound for top tires, with a 170 tpi casing.

EPS- Exceptional Puncture Safety- refers to an extra layer added to the tire between the tread and the casing made from rubberized poly-fiber material. It prevents foreign objects from penetrating the casing and damaging the tube.

UST- Universal System Tubeless- refers to the possibility of using the tire tubeless.


hutchinsonHardskin refers to reinforcing the casing against punctures. For enduro models there is HardSkin Enduro technology and for downhill, HardSking DH, with double casing (2x66TPI).

AIR LIGHT are tires designed only for Cross Country, with very light weight, with no real protection against punctures.

Tubeless ready, tubeless tire that uses butyl liner for a perfect seal.

RR, refers to the tires specifics – XC, EN or DH.


onzaC3, casing for Cross Country tires for daily or training use, with 60 TPI.

C3 120, light casing for Cross Country tires with 120 TPI, designed for racing.

EDC, casing for enduro tires, 60TPI and light weight, interior butyl layer with great protection against punctures.

LEV is a light but very resistant protection layer under the tread that increases the puncture protection.

RC2 is a mix of two types of rubber, designed for speed and longevity.

RC2 45a/55a is a mix of two types of rubber, designed for downhill.

RC65 a is mix of rubber that combines traction with durability and easy rolling resistance.

GRP40, top Visco compound that offers an exceptional traction on wet or difficult trails.


maxxis3-C Triple Compound – Maxxis represents a mix of 3 types of rubber: 3C Maxx Speed, Terra and Grip meant for speed, rough trails and maximum traction.

EXO Protection are tires with reinforced sidewalls for better protection against punctures.

L.U.S.T – Lightweight Ultimate Sidewall Technology- top tires that offer better puncture resistance and improved air retention. Tubeless tire that is tougher and holds air better.

Single/Dual Ply- a single compound in the tire, optimized for longevity and performance. Dual Ply uses two different compounds for better speed and traction.


schwalbeTripleStar Compound, a system in which 3 compounds are cleverly combined. They can be seen in the photo above marked in different colors. Pace, Trail and Vertstar are the three compounds. From the three compounds, PaceStar offers easier rolling and is lighter and VertStar offers heavier rolling but better traction.

Snake Skin- an extra layer on the sidewalls of the tire, for better protection against punctures.

Tubeless-easy is a tubeless tire, but with tubeless sealant.

Vee Tire

vee-tireSilica is a compound borrowed from the automotive industry. This compound does not change properties in relation to the outside temperatures. Has a rigidity of 57A and a low rolling resistance.

DCC (Dual Control Compound) uses a mixture of two compounds, for speed and control. Rigidity 56A for the center and 48A for the sidewalls. Offers a good rolling speed and great traction.

LSG (Low Specific Compound) used for speed and is lightweight.

Tackee, is the most known Vee Tire compound, with a 48A rigidity for the casing, offering an excellent traction, no matter of the rolling conditions.